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How the Affiliate System Works

The Affiliate System works on a “Forced Matrix” principal with 2 Tiers. You can have an unlimited number of Affiliates in either Tier.

Forced Matrix Model

There are 5 Earning Ranks which are centred around the number of referrals* in a calendar month.

*A referral is simply defined as someone who we have successfully made contact with in that calendar month.

Dependant on the number of referrals it will determine the multiplier that you will earn not only on your own cases that go on cover but Tiers 1 and 2 as well. It will also determine the number of months that you qualify for those multipliers.


Non ProducerZero Referrals
Advocate*1-2 referrals in previous month (remain in that status for 2 months)
Micro Influencer3-5 referrals in previous month (remain in that status for 2 months)
Macro Influencer6-9 referrals in previous month (remain in that status for 3 months)
Mega Influencer10+ referrals in previous month (remain in that status for 3 months)

*New Affiliates automatically become “Advocates” and will remain in that Rank for 2 months.

A “Non Producer” would be defined as someone who has enjoyed a Rank of Advocate or above for 2-3 months (dependant on Rank) and then did not make any referrals the following month and thereafter.


KEYNon ProducerAdvocateMicro InfluencerMacro InfluencerMega Influencer 
Top Tier3.53.544.55Month Multiplier
Tier 100.50.7511.25Month Multiplier
Tier Multiplier


  1. Two thirds of policies are accepted straight after submission.
  2. If underwriting is required it typically takes between 4-8 weeks to successfully place a referral on cover.
  3. There is no time restriction however on your own referral income. For example if a referral took 3 months to go on cover due to underwriting factors you will still be paid.
  4. You however will be only paid the multiplier applicable on the month the referred cases go on cover.
  5. Referrals are not just individuals. They could be businesses. Training packs to follow on all areas.


This system allows you to recruit not just individuals into the Affiliate system but the following examples.

Accountants work closely with their clients in all aspects of finance. This includes protecting their income and assets now and in the future which should always include Life Insurance and associated products whether they advise them as an individual or a business.

Again homeowners (especially new), tenants and landlords need to ensure they have financial protection in place to protect their loved ones in the event of death or illness.

Think local football, rugby, running and cycling clubs to name a few who would be interested in alternative means to raise money.

This list is exhaustive. Any business, sports and social club can join the Affiliate system.

In every case not only will they earn on their own referred business but they can recruit and earn from Tier 1 and Tier 2 Affiliates that they recruit into the system.

Affiliate Commission Calculator


*Policies on cover
*Policies on cover
*Policies on cover

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