Trust fully in your Life Insurance with The Beneficial Trust

Are you prepared for life’s unexpectancies?

Getting life insurance is something not many adults think about

and without doubt deciding whether or not you need life insurance cover is less about age and more about your situation.

Life insurance isn’t just for older generations, it’s a fantastic tool for anyone with financial obligations or dependants who may suffer in the case of your sudden absence.

And taking out life insurance as a young adult means you’ve considered your priorities and have built a financial safety net to see your loved ones through any situation.

Financial protection means peace of mind, so that you can enjoy the important things in life. Here at the Beneficial Trust we put you in touch with a regulated expert advisor who will provide you with a completely free and non-obligation service. They will provide you with options to consider which are tailored to your personal and professional needs and circumstances, and covers:

  • Income Protection: A monthly, tax-free sum if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness.
  • Life Insurance: A cash sum, normally tax-free, paid out on death.
  • Critical Illness: A tax-free sum should you be diagnosed with a serious illness or have an accident which leaves you unable to work.

Your independent adviser will discuss the most appropriate cover for your individual situation. Comprehensive, specialist, bespoke and ultimately; protected.

FREE Health Check on your existing life insurance?

Your existing life insurance could be seriously out of date for many reasons such as a new home, job, marriage, children etc.

We can offer free advice in this respect as well as how to place your policy into trust at no cost.

A 5-minute conversation with one of our Professional Advisors can put your mind at rest.

Don’t currently have life insurance?

We can still offer free advice on what cover we think you should have. If you decide to proceed, we can again place this into trust at no cost.

Did you know that Life Insurance can cost you from as little as £6 per month?

Are you a business owner?

We could arrange life insurance for you via your business.

As well as avoiding 40% IHT it will also be classed as a tax deductible business expense.

This arrangement could be made available as a benefit to your employees as well.

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NOTE: Registering allows us update you on your journey with us. Your information can be deleted at any time. Our recommended Financial Advisors agree to abide by the same terms and conditions, and will not use your information for purposes other than those clearly stated at the point of their collection or in their own clearly identified Terms & Conditions section

Receive a welcome gift worth up to £200!

As a welcome gift we’re offering new customers up to £200 gift card when you buy a life insurance policy. The gift card value varies depending on the monthly premium.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Speak to one of our expert advisors .. we provide a completely free and non-obligation service

Life insurance is important for anyone who is in a committed relationship, have a mortgage, have or are planning children or family members who they wish to support.

Getting life insurance as a young adult often comes with significant benefits in terms of premium price, but once you take out life cover, this premium will usually be fixed for the entire length of the policy. This makes it vitally important that you carefully research the market and get expert advice before tying yourself in with a far-reaching policy.

With the right guidance and support you can take out a life insurance policy that truly has your back. And get a great price for the right cover too.

Making an online enquiry will allow us to connect you with one of our independent expert advisors – all completely free with no obligation to make a purchase.

They will be happy to answer all your questions and advise you of how much it might cost to get the insurance cover you need. 

And you might find that your Life Insurance Provider offers other cost saving benefits

Which may even cover the the total cost of your insurance. Our expert advisors can talk you through all options dependant on what both your lifestyle and goals are.